Learn English at Kiwi English Academy™ and benefit from our teachers’ vast experience, innovative teaching methods and caring attention to your language needs.

Our directors and staff welcome you to join our international "family". We understand the importance of your decision to study abroad and are committed to helping you to achieve your academic goals as well as to enjoy your New Zealand experience. Our teaching staff are chosen for their qualifications, experience and also for their interest in our students. We have staff from a variety of English speaking backgrounds to ensure students get accustomed to different accents.

If you want to learn English in New Zealand and you are looking for high quality courses, study English at Kiwi English Academy. We look forward to helping you learn English the right way.


Kate Herbert - Principal
Kate Herbert


Dr Kate Herbert

Welcome to Kiwi English Academy. My role includes day-to-day management of the school, including overall responsibility for the academic programmes offered at our school, as well as the additional services of accommodation placement, activities and secondary and tertiary placement.
Guy Herbert - Director
Guy Herbert


Guy Herbert

I am a director of Kiwi English Academy working behind the scenes to make sure your experience at our school is a rewarding and memorable one. Among other things, I help plan and execute facilities upgrades, IT capability, school equipment and monitor the school's overall performance.

Rachel O'Connor

Hello, I’m Rachel, from Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand. I studied English Literature at the University of Canterbury before travelling to England, where I qualified as an ESOL teacher with an RSA Cambridge Dip TEFLA. In Europe, I taught a wide range of English levels and specialisations, including English for Academic Purposes, and Medical and Business English. In 2013, I returned to New Zealand to complete a Master’s in Creative Writing, writing my first novel, and tutoring undergraduate students of English and Creative Writing at the University of Auckland. I am currently completing a Creative PhD, and loving my busy life as KEA Director of Studies.

Rob Williams

Hi, I’m Rob. I was born in England but moved to New Zealand at the age of four. I studied English Literature at Auckland University, and graduated with a Master’s degree. I began teaching English in Japan in the 1990s, and after a few years there I returned to New Zealand in 2002 and have lived here ever since. I developed a passion for teaching English while living overseas, and although I’ve also worked extensively in Mental Health, I returned to teaching in 2017.  I enjoy supporting and encouraging students to build their English skills, by helping them to work on their strengths rather than focusing on what they can’t do.

Andrea Hunt

Hi, I’m Andrea from the Czech Republic. I was one of the very few privileged young students who were chosen to learn English under the communist regime in the 1980s and that started my journey. Although there was a detour into mathematics and physics, in the end, I couldn’t resist the call of English and humanities. I studied pedagogical sciences at the Technical University of Liberec and earned Master’s Degree in Anglophone Studies at Metropolitan University in Prague. I’ve been teaching English for more than 20 years. I love playing the piano, travelling, doing pilates, dancing and painting stones.

Giulia Borelli

Hi, I'm Giulia! I'm originally from Italy and I've been teaching English since 2015. I love helping my students become confident speakers and use the English language to communicate and achieve their goals. Travelling the world and learning about history, cultures, and traditions are part of my passions. I believe the classroom is where we build connections and everyone enriches it with their stories and background. 

Ian Winbolt

Hello. My name is Ian; I am from the UK. I am a passionate Cambridge-certified (CELTA) English teacher. I have taught English since 2001 across three continents; the Middle East, Europe and New Zealand. I enjoy helping and teaching students of all ages and love explaining grammar. I can speak two foreign languages, Arabic and Bulgarian, and therefore appreciate the difficulties students face while learning English.  

Administration staff

Elena Naoumov   - Russian Counsellor
Elena Naoumov

Russian Counsellor

Hello everyone! Welcome to Kiwi English. My name is Elena. I'm here to support our Russian students and agents, as well as to manage the office. Please come and see me, I can help you enroll in a tertiary course, extend your visa, book a holiday and much more. 

Motoko Sugimura - Japanese Counsellor
Motoko Sugimura

Japanese Counsellor

Hi, I'm Motoko from Japan. I've been in NZ since 2002. Living and studying in a foreign country is a big challenge for anyone. I'm here to support you choosing the right course for your study plan and also help you with your accommodation that you choose during your time with us.

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