Learn English at Kiwi English Academy™ and benefit from our teachers’ vast experience, innovative teaching methods and caring attention to your language needs.

Our directors and staff welcome you to join our international "family". We understand the importance of your decision to study abroad and are committed to helping you to achieve your academic goals as well as to enjoy your New Zealand experience. Our teaching staff are chosen for their qualifications, experience and also for their interest in our students. We have staff from a variety of English speaking backgrounds to ensure students get accustomed to different accents.

If you want to learn English in New Zealand and you are looking for high quality courses, study English at Kiwi English Academy. We look forward to helping you learn English the right way.


Kate Herbert - Principal
Kate Herbert


Dr Kate Herbert

Welcome to Kiwi English Academy. My role includes day-to-day management of the school, including overall responsibility for the academic programmes offered at our school, as well as the additional services of accommodation placement, activities and secondary and tertiary placement.
Guy Herbert - Director
Guy Herbert


Guy Herbert

I am a director of Kiwi English Academy working behind the scenes to make sure your experience at our school is a rewarding and memorable one. Among other things, I help plan and execute facilities upgrades, IT capability, school equipment and monitor the school's overall performance.

Academic staff

Our teaching staff are chosen for their qualifications, experience and also for their interest in our students. We have staff from a variety of English speaking backgrounds to ensure students get accustomed to different accents.

Johnny Kim

Hello My name is Johnny and I've been teaching at KEA since January 2014. I'm originally from South Korea but immigrated to NZ when I was in high school. I'm passionate about watching movies from different countries, learning new languages and also love trying international cuisine. As I am a second language learner myself, I understand how to enhance my students' learning.  

Wagner Camargo

I have been teaching English since 2012 to students of all nationalities in New Zealand and in Brazil, and therefore, I am constantly learning expressions in other languages, which is really fun for me. During my Diploma in English teaching, I learned many activities that I now use to make my classes more fun and lively, and techniques to help my students learn English more effectively.

Roselyn Naidu

Hi, I am Roselyn, and I teach Mathematics and Science at KEA. I am initially from Fiji and I have worked in Fiji and universally in the field of Environmental and Marine Science. I have worked with University of the South Pacific and the University of Fiji as an Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry. I am at present pursuing my PhD at the University of Auckland and attempting to build enthusiasm for science among students at KEA.

Rob Williams

I was born in England but grew up in New Zealand, where I completed an MA in English at Auckland University. I then lived and taught English in Japan for a number of years before returning to Auckland. I have worked at Kiwi English since August 2018. I enjoy using my study and experience to engage with and help motivate language learners of all abilities and backgrounds, and I take a lot of pleasure in helping students progress.  

Administration staff

Elena Naoumov   - Russia Counsellor
Elena Naoumov

Russia Counsellor

Hello everyone!Welcome to Kiwi English. My name is Elena. I'm here to support our Russian students and agents, as well as to manage the office. Please come and see me upstairs ; I can help you enrol in a tertiary course, extend your visa, book a holiday and much more.                           
Crystal Han - Korean Counsellor
Crystal Han

Korean Counsellor

Hi! I'm Crystal, I am a student services manager who gives support to all our Korean students and of course I also help other students. My job is student support and activities coordinator. I love meeting people and I look forward to seeing you at Kiwi English.                                                   

Motoko Sugimura - Japanese Counsellor
Motoko Sugimura

Japanese Counsellor

HI, I'm Motoko from Japan. I've been in NZ since 2002. Living and studying in a foreign country is a big challenge for anyone. I'm here to support you choosing the right course for your study plan and your daily life. I love meeting new people from all around the world. I'm looking forward to seeing you at KEA.    
Natalie Wang - Chinese Counsellor
Natalie Wang

Chinese Counsellor

Hi everyone. My name is Natalie. I understand how challenging and difficult for international students to quickly settle down their new lives in a foreign country. With my previous working experience among diversified education providers, I would like to offer my professional assistance on international students’ academic enquiries, pastoral care services, etc. See you at Kiwi English Academy.                      

Kate Mines - Homestay co-ordinator
Kate Mines

Homestay co-ordinator

Hello everyone and welcome to Kiwi English! I'm Kate your homestay coordinator. I am here to help you with your accommodation that you choose during your time with us. We want you to feel welcomed and to be able to experience the real homestay experience. My aim is to match your needs with that of the host family so that everyone is happy. I look forward to seeing you at Kiwi English!


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