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Kiwi English is pleased to announce the launch of Kiwi Online Academy to offer a range of  online study options for students  who are waiting to come to New Zealand or those who simply prefer the convenience of online study.

Have LIVE online lessons with experienced teachers.

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High School Foundation Online

Pre-arrival online classes for school students planning to study in New Zealand high schools. Classes focus on developing English skills, subject specific vocabulary, and teaching key facts about New Zealand, geography, history and the new study environment.  New IELTS option is available. 

Dates: 02 Feb—25 Feb, 9 Mar—1 Apr, 13 Apr—6 May
Class times: 2-5 pm Monday to Friday (NZ time)

IELTS Preparation Online

  • Learn IELTS techniques from our best teachers in small  online classes. 
  • Practise your skills and get immediate feedback from an experienced and enthusiasc teacher.

"Preparation for both Academic and General IELTS is available"

Dates: 02 Feb—25 Feb, 9 Mar—1 Apr, 13 Apr—6 May
Class times: 7-9 pm Tuesday to Thursday (NZ time)

Conversation Class

Expand your vocabulary, improve fluency and learn to speak with confidence. 

Dates: 02 Feb—25 Feb, 9 Mar—1 Apr, 13 Apr—6 May
Class times: 2-5 pm Saturday (NZ time)

Private Lessons

By arrangement 

Have live online lessons customised to your needs. Share your lessons with a friend and save (students need to be of similar level and with the same focus).

"Group classes are available: a minimum of 5 students is required"

Student Testimonials

Tammy from Thailand

It is a class that is fun and educational while playing games. Practice speaking, reading and writing each week of study There is a test of knowledge in what is studied each day. It is very good. Hope that if you study again, you will continue to study with this way.

Ignacio from Peru

Hi! My name is Ignacio, I have been studying in Kiwi English Academy online classes for 2 weeks. Because of this context of the COVID-19 we are passing through, in all the world, Kiwi English classes moved to online classes and that give us the opportunity to the ones that had studied in Kiwi English Academy before, to continue with the English level development. I honestly think that the online classes couldn’t be compared as being there in person, but in fact, KEA staff did a very well job moving the classes online, the experience was almost the same as being there in person. The dynamic of teaching was the same! I felt back in Auckland, New Zealand! That’s why I am very thankful with Kiwi English Academy, for the great staff you have, the help that you give me, the attention given to me, and for giving me the opportunity to return to Kiwi English Academy online from my home city and country “Arequipa, Peru”. I hope to return to Auckland soon!

Santiago from Argentina

Hi My name is Santiago and I would like to share my online studying experience with you. In these difficult times and as a consequence of what we are going through, our lives are undergoing changes, therefore, we cannot go to school but fortunately we have technology as a tool to continue our classes online. Our teachers have always been willing to help us to learn in the best way and this is not the exception, the lessons are dynamic, entertaining, and organised, our teacher uses different platforms and applications so that we can interact, practice our listening speaking, reading and everything else. I am very grateful to Kiwi English Academy for the support, attention and patience they have had with me and my sister during our stay in New Zealand and also for letting me continue my course from my country, Argentina.

Anastasia from Russia

First week : Quite convenient for learning grammar/vocabulary, watching video together and for discussion. Not helpful with doing practice (exercise), cause it's just impossible to do online. So in my opinion, exercises can be given for homework, and during the lesson teachers would mostly share information, grammar rules, vocabulary, etc.

Second week : First of all, I still believe it is impossible to compare it with normal classes, cause it can't be the same efficient and convenient anyway. However, from day to day we cover more and more different types of exercises, trying how it works. And now we can do almost all aspects of studying. So it is getting better.


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