KiwiCare provides a variety of accommodation options which have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of English language students

Kiwi English Academy has its own accommodation department. All homestays are pre-inspected and followed up regularly by our trained staff. Our accommodation coordinator is also available to students to discuss any areas of concern with their accommodation. For your accommodation enquiry please contact Motoko on

Becoming a host family!

Are you and your family interested in learning about other cultures?
We are looking for host families who speak English as a first language at home, and live within 30 minutes travel time to Newmarket by public transport. If you would like to welcome an international student into your family, we would love to hear from you. Please fill in the form and send it to


Most students enjoy Kiwi hospitality and learn more about the local lifestyle by staying with one of our carefully chosen homestay families. All KEA homestay families are assessed and approved prior to students moving in. Follow up onsite meetings with homestay families are conducted twice yearly. Our homestays are located on a direct bus/train route and they provide students with 2 meals a day from Monday to Friday and 3 meals on weekends. Students under 18 years of age are required to be in an approved homestay for the duration of their course at Kiwi English Academy.


Apartments are a popular choice for some adult students ; they are usually centrally located in Auckland, amongst universities, shops and entertainment venues in Downtown. As one example.  some students have been happy in Empire Apartments which is student accommodation within a short walk to Queen Street and a 20 minute walk to Kiwi English Academy. Student apartments offer different configurations such as two or three-bedroom options. Kiwi can supply information about different apartment options, but bookings need to be handled by students / their agents as availability changes very quickly.


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