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Living Through History

Wow - 4 weeks of the quietest period New Zealand has seen is almost over. Many sectors of the community are rejoicing at the positives seen during this month : the lowest road toll for 55 years ; more active bird life in the cities ; a reduction in the pollution index over the entire world ; a chance to spend more quality time with our families ; more healthy eating and so the list continues. Will these positive gains stay with us as countries head out of lock down? There is a beautiful video ci...

April 24, 2020

Kiwi English Goes Online

For the first time in its almost 30 year history Kiwi English Academy is delivering synchronous online classes to our current  student body. For years we have toyed with the idea but COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to focus our resources and now developing our online capability has become a priority.  We are all encountering new concepts and vocabulary in this exciting transition :  virtual backgrounds , screen sharing, online etiquette, breakout room and the like. It is an ...

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