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1. APRIL 2022

Up to 5000 international students can apply for a border exception to enter New Zealand.

2. 2 MAY 2022

Visitors and students for up to 12 weeks from visa-waiver countries

3. 1 August 2022

The border opens for students and visitors from all other countries

All travellers to New Zealand must be fully vaccinated.

OPTION 1 - 1000 students for English language in Cohort 4 from July 2022

A total of 5000 students are to be allowed entry to NZ from July 2022. (English Language School 1,000

Students should :

• Be over 18
• Study for longer than 14 weeks
• Be travel-ready with a passport and sufficient funds for living costs
• Have already submitted a completed  / almost complete application

OPTION 2 - Students from Visa-Waiver Countries from May 2022

  • Quarantine–free
  • Can study up to 12 weeks under the visa-waiver programme



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