Read what our students say about their experience at KEA.

Olga (Russia) - IELTS Preparation

My name is Olga. I'm from Russia. I've been in NZ for about half a year. For sure, NZ is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been. My main goal was to achieve (High Scores) in Academic IELTS test. The school successfully prepared me to undergo this challenge. I would like to acknowledge the teaching staff here for the professionalism and support in preparing me to achieve my goal. Also I have had great classmates from different countries and enjoyed our time together. Moreover, you can always get help from the administrative staff. They helped me find a nice homestay family who has become my second family. They not only helped me to settle when I first arrived, but also they provided many opportunities to chat and to practice my English. Thank you for your help and support. I am really grateful to everyone at KEA!

Chika (Japan) - General English Plus Conversation

When I came to NZ, I couldn't speak English. So I couldn't understand English lessons and I didn't like my conversation class. However, I could make lots of friends. My teachers, my friends and host family have always supported me and helped me. It's good experience for me. Then, I could gradually begin to talk with my friends. My friends have different nationalities, mind, ages, and cultures ; but they are all very kind, lovely and they taught me English and their culture, mind, a lot of good things. It is very Interesting for me. And It's the best thing in NZ. When I looked for volunteering jobs, Motoko(Japanese counsellor) also looked for hospitals and hospice together. She always supported me. Thank you Motoko! Kiwi English Academy has a few students in class. If somebody doesn't understand, the teacher always helps us. I think It is good for us. Then I changed my homestay. First host mother and second host family are very kind and lovely. They always talked to me, taught English and kiwi cultures. And we always laughed and talked together. I was happy. It was very comfortable. I think my English has improved than before. Thanks teachers! I love teachers and KEA!

IELTS Preparation Course

kimberley Lin - Taiwan

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BrandonSLEPICKI - Argentina